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The following is a list of a number of the products and services that we offer, however, we can and will do just about any machining project you can name, so if you don't see what you are looking for here: Contact Us and see what we can do for you!

Hydraulic Cylinders - Pistons - Shafts





Pellet Dies


Measuring Drive Wheel

Billet - Valve Covers - Oil Pans

Mill Plates

Specialized Fasteners

Insulated Aluminum Enclosures

Splined Shafts

Swimming Pool Starter Blocks

Mill Carriage Wheels

Teflon Rollers

Counter Weights - Balanced

Bushings - Aluminum - Bronze

Pins - Harden - Brass - Steel - Aluminum

Boat/Ferry Gears

Loader Bucket


Asphalt In Feed Screener - Conveyers

Extended Cargo Space

Working Platforms

Snowmobile Lifts

Aluminum Trap Door

Trailer Ramps

Drive Shafts

Spiral Stairs

Fire Escape Stairways

Stainless Cabinets

UHMW Belt Slides

Hand Railings

Counter Tops

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